Collaboration on the UX evaluation of “The Hague and the Atlantic Wall” meSch interactive exhibition

Date: 2015
Description: The Hague and the Atlantik Wall is part of the European meSch project, a research project investigating the use of tangible interaction in museums. As part of my collaboration with the meSch project I had the opportunity to participate in the user experience evaluation of this exhibition that took place in the Hague (the Netherlands) in 2015.
The exhibition focused on the Atlantic Wall, a set of defensive lines and placements that were built by the German forces during the WWII along the coast of Europe to prevent Allied attacks. It allowed visitors to understand the impact that the Wall had on the city by allowing them to listen to the personal stories of the different people who lived there at that time (stories of civilians, officials and german soldiers). The stories were activated using smart replicas of exhibited objects that visitor can take at the start of the exhibition, by placing them on hotspots near the various display cases.
The goal of the evaluation was to examine the reaction of visitors to the use of smart replicas to activate digital content in the exhibition, and reflect on the fulfillment of our expectations and those of curators.

Media: More information on the project can be found on the meSch website describing the project | The results of the evaluation have been published in a conference paper.

personal skills: UX research (interviews, shadowing techniques)

Category: UX research / evaluation