Date: 2015
Description: TheVoices from Forte Pozzacchio ehibition is part of the European meSch project, a research project investigating the use of tangible interaction in museums. As part of my collaboration with the meSch project I had the opportunity to participate in the user experience evaluation of this exhibition.

The goal of the interactive exhibition was to enhance the visit experience a difficult environment, a WWI fort almost entirely dig in the rock, by offering visitors the possibility to understand the impact that the fort had on different people over history (who designed the fort, the soldiers, the civilians). This project makes use of tangible interaction. A small object called ”the pebble” is given to the visitor (or small groups of visitors), before starting the visit. This object can be used to select and play stories at various thematic stations that are distributed in the environment, by placing it on a physical station.
The goal of the evaluation was to study the impact that the different components of the exhibition had on visitors.
Data were collected through questionnaires, semi-structured interviews, naturalistic observations of visitors, and analysed by means of descriptive statistics and thematic analysis.

Media: More information on the project can be found on the meSch website.

personal skills: UX research (interviews, shadowing techniques etc.)

Category: UX research / evaluation